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Individual Training

10-Pack: $70 per session

20-Pack: $60 per session

Partner Training (2 People)

10-Pack: $90 per session

20-Pack: $80 per session


I have been working with Tyler for the past three months and have been extremely satisfied with my progress and his approach to my training. He is professional, supportive, and attentive.  I would recommend him to my friends, family, and patients without hesitation.

I appreciated very much the time he took to listen to my particular goals and provide a thorough assessment of my initial strengths and weaknesses.  After about the third session, I felt my workouts were completely customized to my particular needs and I feel he was able to make our training sessions extremely efficient and productive.

In general, I do not enjoy resistance training, but Tyler was able to turn each session into a unique experience.  The routines are not monotonous and have included exercises that I have actually found to be fun.  We even spent an entire ½ session outside doing a full body workout on a small set of stairs-something I can easily do during a lunch break at work or when traveling.

Most importantly to me, one of my goals was to increase my speed when cycling, and I am amazed that he was able to help me accomplish this within the confines of the gym and without him once putting me specifically on a bike to train.

Many thanks Tyler,

-Pierre Onda, M.D., M.P.H.

I approached Tyler Wichmann, owner of Elevate Fitness, in need of a personal trainer that was different than your typical, big-box gym trainer; different in the sense that I needed someone to listen to and understand my fitness needs and goals, and then deliver top-tier workouts individually crafted to fit my abilities. Tyler has exceeded my expectations in every way by not only giving me good, safe, and challenging training sessions, but also by educating me in exercise theory and sports nutrition. Tyler does a no-cost consultation before any physical work begins, ensuring that you will start off on a routine that is appropriate for your goals and matches your physical abilities. The experience thus far has been very satisfying, and I would highly recommend Tyler to anyone who wants a fresh and well-educated perspective on personal training and the joys it can bring to one’s life when practiced appropriately.

-Mike Collins

I have completed over 20 sessions now with Tyler, and have seen great results. I have lost weight, gained muscle, and am impressed with his knowledge and training! Tyler is dedicated, smart, and he knows what he is doing. I had a constant bicep issue with soreness or strain for over 6 months. I told him and he adjusted the workouts and has corrected the problem amazingly!  Tyler makes the sessions go by quickly, works on my form and breathing, and pushes me every session. I have signed up for another 20 sessions because he makes change happen and I like it!

-G.R. Barajas

Tyler is an excellent trainer, he actually made working out fun. I only trained with him for three weeks, however, I already started seeing results in that time. He challenged me every session, but did not force me to do anything I did not want to do. He did a wonderful job of making sure that my form was correct. Tyler helped to get me in shape and gave me the confidence that I desperately needed to go to the gym and try new things. Although he is just starting off, Tyler is incredibly talented and professional. I would highly recommend Tyler as a personal trainer to anyone who is looking for a way to get in shape, even if you are just starting from zero like I was!

-Michelle Mullineaux

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